In order to guarantee a more ethical, sustainable and contemporary mobility: Leasys carries on activities for the environment and culture development.

An ever-growing Green Mobility

Every year Leasys supports campaigns for the environment’s sustainability thanks to its “green” partnerships. The plan is creating sustainable mobility and drastically reducing CO2 emissions.
Albero a bordo


Due to the partnership with Treedom, the only platform in the world that lets you plant a tree and follow its story online, the “Bring a tree onboard with long-term rental” campaign was created, a tree planted for every green car rented. Every customer that participates, will receive an online activation code and adopt a tree of the Leasys forest on the dedicated platform.

The trees will be planted by local farmers in various parts of the world (in specific areas of Africa and Latin America). They will benefit from its fruits and the customer will name it, know its location and follow its story through online updates.

Through the aim of environmental benefits we also reach economic and social impacts, by fostering the development of the local populations involved.

Leasys for Arts

Leasys looks forward to the artistic environment and it supports cultural projects. Beyond the effort for sustainable mobility, Leasys works in order to empower the knowledge and diffusion of the world’s artistic heritage.

Exhibitions in Arte25

In 2018 Leasys partnered with MUSEC, Museum of Cultures in Lugano directed by Francesco Paolo Campione, and gave birth to a project called “Streets of Arts” with the intention of bringing Art & Culture inside the company environment. ARTE 25, Leasys HQ’s location, has a permanent exhibition space where the MUSEC periodically organizes Art exhibitions. A place where great works of art are exhibited: from Salimbeni to Guasti, from Andreotti to Martini and Innocenti.
Mostre in Arte25


Leasys, by developing its network of charging stations which support mobility for electric and hybrid cars produced by the FCA Group, aims to enhance Art and Culture by creating tourist itineraries that include Royal Palaces, Art Residences and Italian Historic Houses.

This is the first partnership with “La Reggia di Venaria”, a Savoy royal residence declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO and managed by the Consorzio delle Residenze Reali Sabaude; with this first collaboration Leasys installed 8 charging stations inside the parking area where Leasys customers will be able to charge their electric or hybrid cars while visiting the Palace.