Milan, 19 November 2021

Mobility has reached a new stage of development, with the creation of the  first long-term subscription, after long-term rentals and car subscriptions. Leasys is launching Be Free EVO, a brand new long-term rental, up to 24 months, managed with the flexibility of a short-term one. Inspired by the subscription economy trend, the new Leasys solution is completely digital, with no down payment and easily accessible: all that is needed to subscribe is a credit card, with which to pay the fixed monthly fee.

Dedicated to private individuals, self-employed professionals and companies, Be Free EVO makes it possible to choose a car, including a plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle, and to start driving it after 48 hours, with the option of returning it after the first month without penalty. There are five models available, the electric New Fiat 500, the Opel Corsa-e ( €389 per month), the hybrid Jeep® Compass 4xe (€479), the Opel Corsa (€279), and the Fiat 500X (€379). The fixed fee, lasting up to two years, includes the first 1,500 km travelled, to which a further 1,500 km can be added on demand in the Plus version.

"Be Free EVO represents the new frontier of mobility, an ideal synthesis of the increasingly popular trends of disownership, the subscription economy and sustainability: it is estimated that by 2025 global revenues from leasing and rental will reach $500 billion," said Giacomo Carelli, CEO of FCA Bank Group and Chairman of Leasys. “FCA Bank and Leasys have embraced these trends, launching a subscription product that combines innovation and maximum flexibility, but with peace of mind for the customer. Long-term rental has never been so smart, digital and easy".

It only takes a few clicks to sign up: once you have purchased the voucher for the car model of your choice, starting from €199, on Amazon or at one of the over 200 participating Leasys Mobility Stores, simply register on the website and pay the fee for the first month's rental. After two days you can start driving the car you selected.

Be Free EVO is also available also in the Plus version which, in addition to extending the basic free travel distance from 1,500 km to 3,000 km, allows you to add a package that includes, starting from €79 per month, Super Cover insurance (which eliminates the deductible due in the event of damage, total or partial theft and fire) and an additional driver.

"The arrival of Be Free EVO, the first long-term subscription payable by credit card, completes the range of Leasys plans inspired by the subscription economy, which to date boasts the CarCloud, CarBox and FlexRent products and over 20,000 customers registered," explains Paolo Manfreddi, CEO of Leasys Rent, who spoke with Giacomo Carelli at the presentation at Le Village by Crédit Agricole Milano. "An important result, brought about by our ability to understand customers' needs, giving them the freedom to choose the type of car, the pick-up location and the time limits".