Rome, 3 December 2020

Leasys, launches the first platform in Italy for online auctions for private customers on, the portal devoted to sales of pre-owned and off-lease vehicles. Thanks to this unique opportunity, available only in the Italian market for now, Leasys gives its private customers the chance to buy Leasys’s best pre-owned cars online, choosing from a vast range of vehicles available for sale.

The vehicles auctioned meet the highest safety standards, thanks to check-ups performed regularly on fleet vehicles during the term of the contract. These cars are in perfect operating conditions, as they are specifically selected to be palatable for the most demanding customers and their price includes a warranty of 24 months from purchase.

Access to online auctions is very easy. All one has to do is to enter in the “Online auctions”/”private customers” or directly from the car showcase and view the catalogue with the large number of vehicle to be auctioned off. If customers find a vehicle that fits their needs, they can complete the registration in a few steps and participate in the auction with a click. It is possible to follow the auction one is participating in, so as to outbid competitors to buy the vehicle. Every 30 minutes an auction goes live. Participation in Clickar’s auctions is totally free. Vehicles can be purchased also with financing from FCA Bank and can be collected from the nearest Clickar Point, at no additional cost and with a money-back guarantee. is Italy’s leading marketplace for pre-owned cars, with over 600,000 vehicles sold since its inception. Easy-to-use and intuitive, it can provide its customers with a vast range of reliable vehicles in excellent operating conditions. These vehicles can be viewed in the high-definition digital showcase and their purchase can be financed by FCA Bank. The online Clickar auctions for business customers have a long history and are highly appreciated in Italy. They have been recently launched in Belgium, France, Spain, and UK and will soon be available in the other European countries where Leasys operates.