Turin, 24 March 2021

Creating a direct and transparent relationship with customers, which meets their needs and makes them feel at the center of the company’s interests, is among the main missions of FCA Bank. For this reason Connection was recently launched: the new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, based on Salesforce technology, designed to improve the final customer experience, integrating the core processes of the bank into a single connected world.

Connection allows FCA Bank and Leasys, the network of dealers and partners to have a 360° view of all customers in a single common platform, so as to optimize the stakeholder experience and maximize the relationship with customers throughout their lifecycle.

One of the main strengths of the platform is Marketing Automation, thanks to which traditional and digital marketing campaigns can be managed in an innovative and fully automated way, from design to launch. Integrated with the FCA Bank and Leasys Customer Database, the tool makes it possible to target consumers with relevant information and engage them in the most effective way, as well as to support the creation of communication assets such as html templates, personalized emails and landing pages. A multi-channel approach based on Direct Email Marketing, SMS and leads distributed directly to dealers, to be sure to give the customer the most relevant message, through the most appropriate channel, and at the right time. Finally, every single activated campaign can be monitored and analyzed in real time thanks to an innovative tracking and analytics system.

Another strength and novelty introduced by Connection is the renewed Lead Management System, which provides FCA Bank and Leasys dealers and partners highly integrated and automated processes dedicated to the management of leads and customers. The collaboration between the Marketing and ICT teams has led to the creation of an intuitive interface and user experience, equipped with widgets designed to manage priorities, record calls or events and track contact feedback in a simple and intuitive way. The system makes it possible to have a complete, 360° view of all FCA Bank and Leasys customers, to keep track of all the interactions and every aspect of the financing contract and associated services, as well as to create workflows and lists customized according to different criteria, such as the brand of the car or the financing obtained, all digitally through FCA Bank’s touchpoints.

Connection is a platform with a responsive design, accessible from every digital device, which integrates innovative features, such as Amazon Connect (CTI) telephony technology, designed to maximize re-contact activities and to reduce the amount of data to be manually entered by the user.

The platform was developed internally by the ICT and Sales & Marketing teams to achieve a high-level result, taking into account the latest generation technologies and how to interface with customers in the best possible way. During 2021, it will be released in the main European markets in which the Group operates.

Connection is therefore a new and natural step towards innovation that FCA Bank makes available to the network, activating sales and marketing levers to maximize new purchases and renewals, accompanied by additional training on the process to improve skills and sales management.