With Credit Agricole to support those who fight for us

FCA Bank is providing further support to the Italian Red Cross by taking part in the crowdfunding project launched by Crédit Agricole Italia through the CrowdForLife portal (available at The donations received will be used to fund the Red Cross’s initiative called “The Time of Kindness”.

One million euros to provide concrete help against the Coronavirus emergency and to ensure psychological, healthcare and social assistance to all the categories that are experiencing difficulties.

That was the spirit that informed the donation of the companies of Crédit Agricole in Italia to the Italian Red Cross, with Agos contributing €500 thousand (thanks also to employees who chipped in), Crédit Agricole Italia €140 thousand, Amundi €100 thousand, CA Vita and CA Assicurazioni €100 thousand. Also the other Group companies - CA Corporate & Investment Bank, CACI, CACEIS, Eurofactor, CA FriulAdria, CA Leasing and Indosuez Wealth Management - took part in the €1 million donation.

Thanks to these funds the Italian Red Cross will be able to set up a hospital field with all the necessary equipment, and to purchase ambulances and special vehicles for safe emergency transportations

Another fundraising initiative will be launched through the CrowdForLife portal (available at to support “The Time of Kindness”, a project designed for the home delivery of food and medicines to the elderly and the immunocompromised, among others. Colleagues, customers and citizens will thus be able to support the activities of the Italian Red Cross on the ground, for the benefit of people in need of assistance.

“At such a delicate time for our Country, all the companies of the Crédit Agricole Group in Italia came together to make a contribution”, said Giampiero Maioli, Head of Credit Agricole in Italia. “We are proud to support the activities of the Italian Red Cross, which is constantly on the frontline to face national emergencies. With Agos, Amundi, CA Vita, CA Assicurazioni and the other companies in Italy, we shared the need to enhance the services provided, giving everyone a chance to contribute. We are convinced that, now more then ever, it is paramount to work together in the interest of the community, a principle that reflects the raison d’être of our Group. I also wish to thank the institutions for their tireless efforts on behalf of all my colleagues of the Group who contributed generously to this initiative”.

The Secretary General of the Italian Red Cross, Flavio Ronzi, said: “Thanks to the contribution of Crédit Agricole we will be able to enhance our response to the Covid-19 emergency and the home assistance services for the more vulnerable persons. I want to thank the Crédit Agricole Group in Italia for the availability that it has shown at such a difficult time. The support of such an important group, which involved also its employees and its customers in the fundraiser, gives us even more strength”.

This donation is in addition to the large number of initiatives finalized in the past few weeks to provide concrete help to face the health emergency, bringing the total for the Group to over €2 million.

FCA Bank and its Leasys subsidiary recently made available to the Italian Red Cross a fleet of 300 Fiat and Jeep vehicles and donated 5 ambulances on a Ducato Fiat Professional base. “FCA Bank is proud to contribute to the large number of initiatives undertaken by the Crédit Agricole Group to support the Italian Red Cross and all its volunteers to deal with and overcome the emergency as early as possible”, said Giacomo Carelli, CEO and General Manager of FCA Bank.

Thanks to its network of contacts with businesses and individuals, Crédit Agricole Italia purchased 60 mechanical ventilators, donating them to a large number of hospitals that needed them urgently in Emilia Romagna, Liguria and Tuscany, in cooperation with the shareholding Foundations (Cariparma, Piacenza e Vigevano, Carispezia, San Miniato) and companies located in the local communities (such as Finice).

On the other hand, in Romagna support was given to Bufalini hospital in Cesena (in tandem with Caricesena Foundation) and Ospedale “degli Infermi” in Faenza, with the CariFaenza Foundation. In Lombardy a contribution was made to the Solidarity Fund for Families. In addition, a donation of 128 thousand pairs of gloves, 10,000 masks and 2,000 jumpsuits was made to the Red Cross of Veneto and Friuli.

Lastly, a fundraising project was started on the Group’s crowdfunding portal ( for the hospitals in the province of Parma, together with the Cariparma Foundation.


On 4 October 2019, the Crédit Agricole Banking Group launched its own crowdfunding portal, CrowdForLife, bringing together non-profit entities and associations seeking to achieve socially-oriented objectives and anybody who wishes to make a direct contribution, however small, for their projects. Non-profit entities and associations can advertise a project directly on and launch a fundraiser to which anybody can participate with donations (from €1 up) that can be made via bank transfers or credit card, anonymously or openly. The platform will disclose the contributions as they are received and how the money is eventually used.