Turin, 8 January 2021

At FCA Bank and Leasys, the New Year begins in a digital way, everywhere and always. Starting from today, Digital Days is a month of special offers dedicated to mobility and totally digital financial and banking products. The offers will be active until the end of January and are designed to make the services offered by the Group and its mobility company Leasys even more accessible and convenient.

For the second time in a row, FCA Bank and Leasys launch a cross-country commercial promotion that includes 10 European countries simultaneously dedicated to digital. Italy, France, Germany, Spain, UK, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Denmark and Belgium will offer their customers the best digital solutions to satisfy every mobility and financial needs in every different market. Indeed, the special offers will range from personal loans to GOeasy financing, to CarCloud, to Leasys Miles, to Clickar.

On all the web sites of the countries involved, customers will be able to see and choose the most suitable offer, benefiting from a completely online customer journey.

The strong expansion of the FCA Bank Group is based also on these initiatives, which strategically involve all the markets in a synergistic and digital way, two cornerstones of the group's vision of providing customers all over the Europe the same experience.