With FCA Bank and Leasys the most modern digital platforms in continuous expansion

Turin, 24 February 2021

With 14 active platforms integrated available to almost 2 million customers, and used by the main stakeholders, the FCA Bank Group's companies continue to pursue their growth strategies, in keeping with their commitment to further improve the customer journey and to make operational management activities more efficient. Over the years, this approach has led to the creation of an integrated network of state-of-the-art platforms, developed by the ICT teams in a fully digital and omnichannel mode and used in most European countries where the Group is operational.

The development of the Leasys and FCA Bank platforms will continue in 2021 with the introduction of two new services: a new CRM system with ConnectiOn, the innovative platform to maximize customer relations, and the  3.0 version of the Finance  Calculator,  the digital service to provide  a tailor-made quote to both private customers and business, which will be integrated into the My FCA Bank portals, the customer area where you can easily manage activated services such as financing, loans and conto deposito.

Also in 2021, a new integration of Clickar will be added to these. Clickar is the first portal – dedicated to the online sale of pre-owned or off-lease vehicles – capable of managing simultaneously auctions for private customers and businesses. An e-commerce process will be introduced that will allow you to book or buy a car and proceed, directly from the platform, to the completion of the purchase by direct payment through cards,  wire transfer or by  applying for a loan.

It was Clickar, in 2008, that kicked off the growth strategy of the FCA Bank Group companies, together with the DealOn platform, created in the same year and designed to support dealers in   the management of the entire lifecycle of products dedicated to dealer financing, from vehicle financing to straight short/medium/long-term loans to support the network.

These were followed, in 2015,  by the launch of the RetailOn platform, the operational and accounting system with which dealers can manage FCA Bank's entire customer financing business (both lending and leasing), and, in 2013, by the RentOn platform,  created with the aim of supporting key processes related to long-term rental. The My Leasys portal - the customer area for all long-term rental services – was introduced instead in 2017.  

Year 2018 saw the birth of the Digital Onboarding project, the digital signature platform that made the subscription process completely paperless, and the innovative U-Go by Leasys platform, which makes peer-to-peer car sharing solutions available to private customers throughout Italy.

However, 2020 witnessed the introduction of the largest number ever of new services: from Online Check - a service that allows customers to obtain the online pre-approval of the financing most suitable for their individual needs - to I-Link - the shared mobility platform designed to create a community of users with which to share the use of the car - to U-Move, the App that gathers all of Leasys’s products and services, so that they can be managed easily

The latest addition is LeasysGO!, the first car sharing platform dedicated to the electric New 500, open to the public in January 2021.

Digitalization and innovation are fundamental values for FCA Bank  and  Leasys, and the commitment to developing increasingly advanced platforms allows the Group to offer a cutting-edge customer experience and, at the same time, to optimize work processes.