Rome, 24 May 2021

Like America's great freeways, Leasys's sustainable mobility solutions are increasingly borderless and limitless. The company is launching "Freeways", the new promotional campaign dedicated to the long-term rental of the Stellantis Group's hybrid and electric models, designed to meet the most diverse mobility needs. Valid until 24 June, the "Freeways" offers are active in the main European markets in which Leasys operates and feature the three plans Unlimited, Miles and Be Free.

A month of promotions under the theme of environmental sustainability, with ideal solutions for any destination and duration: from the rental with unlimited kilometrage and recharges of Leasys Unlimited to the pay-per-use rental of Leasys Miles, to the flexibility of Leasys Be Free, which gives the freedom to terminate the contract early without any penalty and a right of first refusal on the purchase of the car.

In addition, there are all the benefits related to Leasys’s sustainable rental. In addition to the cables provided for home and public charging, Leasys provides customers also the E-Mobility Card, which can be used to recharge vehicles at the EnelX public network columns or, at no cost, at the Leasys Mobility Stores which can be easily located with the Leasys UMove app where available.

The first promotion is dedicated to the new Leasys Unlimited, the long-term rental with zero down-payment, unlimited kilometres and unlimited electric recharges at Leasys Mobility Stores. The Unlimited plan is made available in Italy as well as Belgium, France, Portugal and Spain, and will be available also in the other countries by the end of June.

The second offer concerns Leasys Miles, the long-term pay-per-kilometre rental, elected Product of the Year 2021 in the Car Services category*:

The last promotion of "Freeways" is on Leasys Be Free, a highly flexible product that allows customers to return the car after the first 18 months without penalty and to know from the start the purchase price of the car at the end of the rental period in case of sale by Leasys.

Last but not least, “Freeways” campaign is also available in Switzerland through FCA Capital and in Austria and Greece through FCA Bank with financial solutions dedicated to sustainable mobility.

*Market research conducted on line by IRI on 12,000 respondents on a preselection of new/innovative products sold in Italy cat. Car Services.