Rome/Milan, 8 March 2022

A new partnership between Leasys, a Stellantis brand and leader in long-term rentals in Italy, and Free2move eSolutions has kicked off, with an offering capable of making the transition to electric mobility easier for customers, thanks to practical and effective products and services. The two companies launch an innovative kilometer-based voucher that provides even greater charging freedom to Leasys's mobility solutions.

The voucher, which is intended for both companies and individuals, includes refueling at all the charging stations of the public ALL-e network of Free2move eSolutions. The service is available with the long-term rental of an electric New 500, a Jeep® Renegade and a Compass 4xe Plug-in Hybrid and allows the inclusion of an 8,500 km voucher (equal to about 1,115 kWh) in the rental rate for the iconic Fiat city car and 3,000 km (equal to about 680 kWh) in the rental rates for the two plug-in hybrid models of the 4xe SUV range.

The voucher, to be used within one year of activation, can be obtained with the Leasys Miles, Noleggio Chiaro and Leasys Unlimited long-term rental plans. This is a further enhancement of the Leasys services devoted to sustainable mobility, that is the Leasys e-Mobility Card, which can be utilized to refuel vehicles free of charge at the Leasys network; cables for home and public charging; the e-Parking service.

To use the voucher, simply register on the website and proceed with the activation. Once completed, you will be able to access the ALL-e app, so as to locate the nearest charging station and monitor your charging sessions.

"Thanks to synergistic work with Free2move eSolutions, we are able to offer users a service that further encourages and facilitates their approach to sustainable mobility," said Rolando D'Arco, CEO of Leasys. "This new opportunity for collaboration between the two Stellantis brands is an important step forward on the road to even greater freedom to move, providing a worry-free and environmentally friendly driving experience." 

According to Roberto Di Stefano, CEO of Free2move eSolutions, "the collaboration with Leasys is an important step towards an increasingly common and accessible electric mobility. In this complex and competitive scenario, the mission of the two partners is to eliminate any possible concern for customers and make the transition easier and faster, to contribute quickly to a more sustainable future".