Leasys enters the two-wheeler world: HARLEY | LEASE™ is born

Rome, 30 June 2022

Like the great U.S. highways, Leasys's mobility is pushing its horizons in a journey beyond the automotive sector. The company, a top player in long-term car rental in Italy, makes its debut in the motorcycle world by introducing HARLEY | LEASE™, a new long-term rental product dedicated to two-wheel lovers, launched in connection with the partnership with Harley-Davidson and in collaboration with FCA Bank.

Available in Italy and soon in Spain and Portugal, HARLEY | LEASE™ allows riders to rent any model of the iconic American brand, as well as to customize its features, providing a riding experience decoupled from the obligation to purchase. With HARLEY | LEASE™, private, self-employed individuals and public administrations, the target segment, can rent a bike with the ease and peace of mind typical of Leasys’s product.

The product, lasting 36 or 48 months, includes a fixed monthly fee, no down payment and 10,000 km per year as well as all the services to enjoy a hassle-free two-wheeler experience: roadside assistance, maintenance, third-party liability and theft and fire coverage, a tire change, and road tax.

Models available at launch include the adventure Pan America 1250, one of the best-selling Harleys recently in Italy, and the innovative Sportster S. The former is available for both 36 months at €599 per month (with 30,000 km included) and 48 months at €544 per month (with 40,000 km included). The latter can be rented at €529 per month for 36 months (with 30,000 km included) and €479 per month for 48 months (with 40,000 km included).