Leasys and Helbiz together for a sustainable mobility project

Turin, 16 June 2021

An international collaboration is coming to life between Helbiz - a key player in micro-mobility that recently merged with GreenVision Acquisition Corp. (Nasdaq: GRNV) and acquired MiMoto Smart Mobility S.r.l., the Italian market leader in moped sharing - and Leasys.

The solutions offered by Leasys support Helbiz's micro-mobility and aim to become increasingly integrated. Helbiz will be listed on the Nasdaq in New York in the coming weeks, thus becoming the first micro-mobility company to be listed globally.
The partnership that has just been entered into is set to revolutionize the future of urban mobility, and not just from an operational point of view. In fact, this collaboration is part of a highly innovative financial arrangement. In fact, Leasys and Helbiz have signed an agreement that activates a line of credit for Helbiz’s micro-mobility sharing services.

The advancement of Helbiz's business model in the target market is characterized by a pace of growth that is both rapid and healthy, thanks to the structuring of solid processes related to regulations, financial results and supporting legislation. This has allowed access to an innovative financing system through a dedicated line of credit, which testifies to the progressive affirmation of the micro-mobility model spearheaded by Helbiz, which is driven both by the increase in the number of licences in cities and by the significant expansion of the fleet.

A common vision of integrated urban mobility that is innovative, shared and respectful of the environment is the basis of this collaboration. Together, Leasys and Helbiz, in addition to being united by the financial agreement, will work on a project devoted entirely to electric mobility, which will aim to weave a common thread between the rental experience and the last mile in which electric scooters are typically used.

The two companies are inextricably linked by their extensive experience in the field of mobility and their commitment to promoting increasingly sustainable and flexible mobility, also in support of public services.
Alberto Grippo, CEO of Leasys SpA, said: "The partnership just signed with Helbiz is part of a series of strategic initiatives in the process of promoting Leasys’s sustainable mobility plans, covering the full distance between two points – the last mile with an e-scooter - in a fully electric mode, making urban mobility respectful of the environment.”

Giulio Profumo, Chief Financial Officer of Helbiz Inc., said: "In order to meet Helbiz's expansion needs, we have devised a new asset-backed financing formula for the purchase of last-generation scooters. Our business model is regarded as solid and profitable, allowing us to plan better both the purchase of new fleets of vehicles and the timing of their depreciation. Thanks to this credit line, we can accelerate our growth, both geographically and in terms of services, and defer payment over time."

Specializing in 360° rental solutions, "from a minute to a lifetime", Leasys, a subsidiary of FCA Bank, has confirmed its position in 2019 and 2020 as the market leader in Italy for long-term rentals and one of the main European operators. The aim, with the gradual reopening of Italy, is to breathe new life into the sector, offering integrated and efficient mobility, capable of adapting in the best possible way to the needs of private individuals, self-employed professionals and companies.

Helbiz is the first company in Italy to invest heavily in electric micro-mobility, a constantly growing business, which is expected to double its volumes nationally and internationally in the coming years. In fact, Helbiz, with its all-electric sharing service, is active in Italy in around 20 cities, including Rome, Milan and Turin, and in as many cities in the United States, including Washington, D.C., Alexandria, Arlington and Miami. Helbiz has its own IT department and is the only company to have a complete fleet of e-scooters, e-bicycles and e-mopeds.