Leasys, has been confirmed leader in Italy for the year 2019, with a market share of 25%.

Leasys, has been confirmed market leader in Italy for the year 2019

Leasys positioned itself as first among the contract hire companies in Italy, confirming its leadership in Italy, with a market share of 25%: in 2019 it registered almost 80,000 vehicles and LCVs, close to 1/3 more than 2018.

With a European fleet count of more than 280,000 vehicles, which in the last two years has almost doubled itself, it aims to become one of the four top European players.

“Leasys closes 2019 with plus sign –Alberto Grippo, Leasys CEO told Dataforce- registering a strategic growth compared to the previous year on both contract hire and short term rental. The results awarded our strategy: we try to always propose flexible and innovative solutions, to meet customers’ needs. This strategy is leading us to great achievements. We aim to keep growing, thanks to our internationalization process, which will continue with new markets opening in the near future.