Sustainable mobility meets banking

At the CA Green Life the first corner for hybrid vehicle rentals by Leasys

Parma, 1 October 2020 – Parma will see the opening of the first Leasys Mobility Store for Crédit Agricole in Italy, a project born out of a collaboration between Crédit Agricole Italia and Leasys, a subsidiary of FCA Bank.

As of today, CA Green Life, Crédit Agricole’s new headquarters in Parma, features a Leasys Mobility Store, where customers will be treated to a full range of services, from short- and long-term rental to car subscription, also for the Mild Hybrid models of the FCA Group, including Fiat Panda, 500 and Lancia Yipsilon, as well as Renegade and Compass, the two new Plug-in Hybrid Jeeps, to be followed shortly by the new electric 500.Customers will find, under the same roof, all the services of Crédit Agricole, with dedicated financing and  insurance offerings. 

Moreover, 5 EV charging stations through Leasys columns have been installed in the parking facility adjacent to CA Green Life, where customers will be able to charge their vehicles, thus contributing to a sustainable mobility. The project reflects both partners’ commitment to help Italy to resume its growth through an increasingly green economy, thanks to the development of products and services  capable of accompanying customers in the transition to more environmentally friendly behaviours.

With this project Crédit Agricole Italia is one of the first players to promote an innovative sustainable mobility offering”, said  Roberto Ghisellini, Deputy General Manager of Crédit Agricole Italia. “This thanks to the partnership with Leasys, a company of the FCA Bank Group, with which we traditionally share the attention to environmental issues and the belief that it is possible for business models to evolve by generating value for our customers in an increasingly responsible manner”. 

“This collaboration with Crédit Agricole, partner of FCA and holder of a 50% equity interest in our Bank, adds strength to the plan that FCA Bank and Leasys are carrying out to revolutionize sustainable mobility in Italy and that has reached a new, significant milestone with the opening of the Parma store”, said Giacomo Carelli, CEO and General Manager of FCA Bank and Chairman of Leasys S.p.A.. “Our plan, which is designed to disseminate a sustainable mobility culture, will lead to the electrification of all the 400 Leasys Mobility Stores in Italy by the end of 2020, with a total of 1,200 EV charging stations”.  

The objective of this project is the integration, in the Crédit Agricole Italia network, of the Leasys Mobility Store concept, that is physical locations in the main Italian cities where customers can access all of Leasys’s innovative mobility services.

Parma is the first of the pilot branches planned for 2020, with outlets soon to follow in Milan and Rome and openings scheduled for 2021 also in other cities where the Group is operational.