Turin, 27 April 2021

FCA Bank and Leasys have recently launched LeasysGO!, the first fully electrified car sharing service with a fleet of New 500s. Since its inception in Turin in January, the service allows users to move freely around the city without the restrictions associated with limited traffic zones and parking. The service has recently been introduced in Milan and will soon be available also in Rome. Its free floating nature makes it much more flexible than other electric car sharing services.

LeasysGO! is innovative and easy-to-use thanks to the APP, which makes the user experience clear and intuitive. Once you have signed up for the service, to start using LeasysGO! simply register, then look for the nearest available vehicle on the map and book it.

You have 15 minutes to reach the car, unlock it by entering a PIN and enjoy the experience of driving the electric New 500.

You can make a stop and then resume your driving later by clicking the "Pause" button, once the car is parked. To end the Car Sharing experience, instead, simply click the "Finish" button and lock the car. The APP includes also a Customer Care service that assists customers who need help during the ride.

One of the most important features of the APP is that it is implemented on a platform owned by Leasys and natively integrated into the Global Connectivity Platform, managed directly by Stellantis, which connects the platform and the fleet in real time, so that the available vehicles are always visible and accessible to users.

Integration between the APP and the electric New 500 is very fast. Through your smartphone you can start and stop the engine, lock and unlock the doors, and remotely activate headlights so that your LeasysGO! vehicle can be easily located among other parked cars.

Since its debut in Turin, LeasysGO! has reached over 30,000 rentals and the goal is to take this innovative service beyond national borders with the opening in the city of Lyon, thus having a fleet of 1200 New 500 in sharing mode.

LeasysGO! is the car sharing service that revolutionizes urban mobility, providing the flexibility necessary to reach every corner of cities, without charging problems, and a service that reduces CO2 emissions.