Rome, 9 December 2021

Starting today, corporate car sharing becomes simple, innovative and smart. Leasys is launching a completely new version of I-Share, the corporate car sharing plan designed to facilitate the use and sharing of company vehicles. The service now features state-of-the-art keyless technology, a user-friendly app for drivers and a new website for fleet managers (available at, who can easily manage sharing arrangements within their fleet.

I-Share is a highly valuable asset, as it enables companies to optimize the management of their shared vehicles and facilitates their monitoring. This is especially true since, in recent years, employee mobility has become a central theme in corporate welfare systems. I-Share is also an incentive in that, by turning an exclusive perk, such as a company car, into a shared benefit, it  allows the company to provide an extra service at a more reasonable cost.

With the new App for the use of the service through keyless technology, the administrative management of vehicle pick-up and return is reduced to zero, as drivers can manage their journeys in complete autonomy, reserving the car and unlocking the doors directly from the app, without having to collect the keys. Fleet managers can use the platform to configure the shared fleet and drivers' utilities, set availability and locations for vehicle pick-up and drop-off. This simplifies the administrative management of the fleet, eliminating traditional reservation records and identifying the user in a certain and timely manner in case of theft or accidents. In addition, the fleet is always under control thanks to the dashboard functions on the portal, which reports accurately the status of the vehicles in order to monitor their efficiency.

In addition, I-Share also opens up to electric and hybrid vehicles, making it the ideal solution for companies operating in urban contexts that want to test the new motorization models, with a view to evaluating a gradual transition to a green fleet so as to be able to move without access restrictions in the various areas of the city.

The implementation and launch of the service is part of the plan to develop increasingly advanced fleet management applications to support the work of Fleet Managers, in order to improve fleet efficiency in terms of "total cost of ownership".

In 2022, Leasys will continue to invest in technology, with content and services that are always digital, innovative and geared towards green mobility.