Rome, 19 January 2023

Long-term rental in Italy bears the name of Leasys. With a market share of 20%, the Stellantis company has been confirmed as taking first place in the Dataforce rankings of LTR operators for the fourth year running, based on data provided by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure & Sustainable Mobility and the ACI-PRA vehicle registration information system.

Consolidated leadership both in terms of passenger cars, where Leasys has registered over 1,100 more vehicles than in 2021, and in the light commercial vehicles (LCV) sector, where it has made inroads with a market share of 28.95%, based on a 31.32% increase in registrations. A significant result, partly down to the launch of Leasys Pro, a product dedicated to commercial vehicles that offers flexibility and the option to customise the trim levels for all models from the Stellantis brands.

Such positive performance from Leasys bolsters the company's leadership at a complex time for the automotive sector, enabling it to look ahead to 2023 – the year of the merger with Free2Move Lease – with prospects of further growth.

The success of Leasys is the result of the ability to respond quickly to changes, based on over 20 years of experience in long-term leasing. The company offers increasingly sustainable, flexible and accessible schemes that have borne in mind changes in the market and the rapid evolution in customers’ requirements over the years.