More than 20,000 customers registered with CarCloud, CarBox and FlexRent

Turin, 23 August 2021

To follow its expansion of the CarCloud product family with the introduction of the new electric-focused e-CarCloud brand, Leasys has now signed up a total of over 20,000 customers for its subscription services. These include CarBox – the first on-demand car subscription – and FlexRent, the first subscription service as flexible as a short-term car rental and as low-cost as a long-term one. 

As well as the innovative subscription scheme, the aspect most appreciated by over 20,000 customers is the flexibility of the services. Leasys CarCloud, CarBox and FlexRent interpret customers’ divergent requirements in a different and complementary way, giving them the freedom to choose the type of car, the pick-up location and the period of time they want. All this makes the service accessible, in terms of both cost and logistics, made possible by the more than 400 Leasys Mobility Stores across Italy.

Leasys CarCloud is the first car subscription service in Italy and can be renewed every month with no time limitations or penalties. At any time, customers can change their car to another within their package, then pick it up from the Leasys Mobility Store of their choice. The range has recently been expanded with the creation of the e-CarCloud brand. The inclusion of charging cables for home and public networks makes it the best electric mobility experience on the market, as well as giving customers the option to charge their car for free at Leasys Mobility Stores with the Leasys e-Mobility Card, which can also be used to access the network of pay-as-you-go public charge points.

To meet all kinds of customer requirements, a total of 13 packages are now once again available on the website, starting from €279 per month with no down payment. Five e-CarCloud packages are available on electric cars: Electric 500e, with the new Fiat 500; City E-NERGY, with the Opel Corsa-e and Peugeot e-208; ENERGY, with the DS 3 Crossback E-Tense, Peugeot e-2008 and Opel Mokka-e; Plugin Hybrid, with the Jeep Renegade and Compass 4xe; and DS E-Tense, with the DS 7 Crossback E-Tense Plug-in Hybrid. Insurance, maintenance and 1500 km per month are included in all the CarCloud packages. 

In turn, Leasys CarBox is the first on-demand car subscription: 240 days of mobility to be used at customers’ discretion over one year, either occasionally or continuously, with rental periods from one to 240 days. For a fixed monthly fee, the annual subscription gives you the right car at the right time, with three different schemes for customers to choose from: Compact, Medium and Large, depending on the models selected.

Finally, FlexRent – the service as flexible as a short-term car rental and as low-cost as a long-term one – comes in two schemes: 30 or 90 days, with a wide range of cars available.

All Leasys subscription services can be activated using Amazon vouchers and are designed to offer all the services customers need to experience worry-free and, most of all, sustainable mobility.