Mobility acts to support the environment

Rome, 18 May 2020Leasys, a subsidiary of FCA Bank and leader in 360-degree mobility solutions, continues its journey toward a sustainable business, thanks to a partnership with Treedom, the only platform in the world that makes it possible to plant a tree online and follow its story. This is how the Bring a tree onboard with long-term rental” campaign was created, to plant a tree for every rented hybrid or electric car. The project is part of a broader partnership established by Treedom and FCA Bank, which sprouted forests with a combined total of 15,000 trees located in such places as Kenya, Madagascar, Cameroon and Ecuador.

The forestation mechanism is very simple. For every long-term contract to rent a hybrid or electric car, the customer will receive a specific code to be activated online on the platform to adopt a tree of the Leasys forest, thereby contributing to improve and protect the environment and to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.    

The selected tree will be planted by farmers located in various parts of the world, particularly in Africa and Latin America, who will tend to it and benefit from its fruits, with the possibility for the customer to know exactly where it is, name it and follow its story through online updates. The Bring a tree onboard with long-term rental” campaign will generate a virtuous circle, with positive environmental as well as economic and social impacts, fostering the development of the local populations involved from time to time. 

Leasys’s approach to enhance mobility awareness and sustainability takes shape through its offering of simple and flexible solutions, capable of meeting the different requirements of customers, which will be able to choose from such FCA hybrid models as the new Fiat 500 and Panda.   


The initiative is available in all the European countries where Leasys is operational.


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