A year late, the European Football Championship will begin Friday 11 June in the city of Rome, where the Italian national team will play its round of matches.

In connection with the European Championship, in Rome, from 10 to 20 June, will be set up Casa Azzurri, a space entirely dedicated to football fans, who will be able to follow the three round matches of the Azzurri as well as all the other matches of the European Championship. In addition to the matches, Casa Azzurri will host various events, such as workshops, seminars, DJ sets, and an exhibition on the Italian national team and concerts with important artists from the Italian music scene.

Casa Azzurri will also be a space dedicated to the sponsors. Fiat has been sponsor and official car of the Italian national team for years and will be at the side of the Azzurri also for the European Championship. A partnership that rests on firm ground because the National Football Team and Fiat are two emblems of Italy. Today, no car represents the spirit of Fiat like the New 500, the brand's first fully electric car which is headed to achieving the iconic status of its previous versions. A classy and elegant car that aims to make sustainable mobility as accessible as possible to everyone, becoming the new city car par excellence.

The New 500 will be showcased at Casa Azzurri for all the opening days and thanks to LeasysGO!, the electric car sharing service operating with a fleet of only Fiat 500, which just opened for business in Rome after Turin and Milan, the vehicles will be easily accessible. In addition, during the European Championship, several cars from the LeasysGO! fleet will always be available in front of Casa Azzurri, so that visitors can discover the service, register and drive the New 500 freely without any parking or charging problems. The New 500 is the ideal vehicle to get around the city and reach Casa Azzurri, and with LeasysGO! you can use it in sharing mode!

Using LeasysGO! is very easy and completely digital through the special App, which will enable you to spot on the map the cars of the Roman fleet nearby, ready to be driven.