Turin, 15 January 2021

With the start of the new year, Turin goes electric. FCA Bank and its Leasys subsidiary announced that LeasysGO!, the first sustainable car sharing service that enables customers to rent a New 500, is now ready for business. The arrival of LeasysGO! marks for the two companies a key milestone of their project to revolutionize sustainable mobility, of which Turin will be the Italian capital.

The new formula combines all the benefits of electric driving and those of the new forms of mobility. In fact, LeasysGO! is the ideal solution to drive in cities’ restricted-traffic areas, thanks to the fact that the New 500 is a zero-emission vehicle. Moreover, since this is a car sharing service, parking will be free of charge.

The service can be managed entirely from one’s smartphone thanks to the dedicated app. Renting a New 500 is very easy. All a customer has to do is to purchase the annual registration voucher on Amazon for €19.99, convert it on the LeasysGO! digital platform and book the car. The highly competitive monthly fee of €19.99 includes 2 hours of mobility a month. As the 2 sharing hours are exhausted, the service will switch to a pay-per-use mode at the cost of €0.29 per minute, up to a maximum of €43.5 if the car is used for a full day.

Vehicle changing will be free of cost and handled by the LeasysGO! team, thanks to a large and widely distributed network of charging stations in Turin, which will total over 500 by the end of 2021. It will always be possible to find an electric a New 500 charged and ready for use. LeasysGO! will have a fleet of 300 vehicles by the end of January, and 350 by the end of the year.

After Turin, in 2021 LeasysGO! will reach also Milan, with 400 cars, and Rome, with 200, to begin with. The aim is to have a total fleet with over 1000 cars which, based on demand, can be further enlarged. The number of fleet vehicles is designed to double with the availability of the service, also in 2021, in two important European cities like Valencia and Lyon.

Six months after the opening of the first fully electrified Leasys Mobility Store in Italy, at Caselle Airport in Turin, which marked the start of FCA Bank and Leasys’s project to revolutionize sustainable mobility, the arrival of LeasysGO! in Italy and abroad will allow the two companies to take on an even more important role as international players in integrated mobility.