Roma, 03 September 2021

Customer relations and customer satisfaction have always been key values for Leasys, which works constantly to develop new tools and platforms to support customers throughout the life of their contract in a totally digital manner.

It is with this in mind that the Company has created My Leasys, a customer portal dedicated to both private customers and Fleet Managers, giving them the possibility of managing rental services by themselves in 100% digital mode.

My Leasys is the ideal solution for operating a company's fleet. With quick and immediate access, it is the portal that enables fleet managers to monitor their vehicles remotely, with a global, real-time view of their entire fleet at all times.

Through My Leasys, managers can access the main services included in their contract as well as keep track of deadlines, kilometres travelled and the maintenance status of each vehicle.

Designed originally to meet the needs of companies, My Leasys is today available to all Leasys customers, to  allow them to monitor contractual obligations and car data, check the services included in their rental contract and access numerous promotions at dedicated terms, which can be activated conveniently online.

My Leasys also provides all the assistance a customer may need, thanks to the ability to use the various contact channels rapidly, initiate a support request directly online or search for the nearest service centre.

Customers can also retrieve by themselves documents, reports and forms needed for managing the vehicle, such as the information manual, the end-of-contract damage guide, the insurance certificate, the road tax receipt, reports for monitoring fines or accidents, delegation and handover forms.

The latest feature implemented on  portal is the accident report form, which customers can fill and send directly online.

Thanks to continuous development to improve its technology and usability, My Leasys is a valuable tool for any type of customer as it offers a fluid and intuitive overview of company vehicles and fleets. Two years after its launch in Italy, the portal is now available in all European markets in which Leasys operates.