New electric and plug-in
cars 2020

More and more people are choosing hybrid, electric and plug-in cars to reduce consumption and pollution. Discover the models launched in 2020.

The future of mobility is sustainable: discover the new green cars

More and more people are choosing to replace their old vehicle with a new-generation car, to lower fuel costs and simultaneously help the environment by reducing harmful emissions. That is why the market share for eco-friendly cars – which include electric, hybrid and plug-in cars – continues to grow, year on year. Let’s look at some of the interesting new developments in electric cars for 2020 and find out how to choose the right model for you.

Eco-friendly cars: the advantages 

Almost all manufacturers have entered the hybrid and electric car sector, with options that can meet a variety of customer needs. From small city cars to family cars and SUVs, there are solutions for every type of user, which are increasingly popular thanks to state incentives to encourage the prevalence of green mobility on all levels.

The new eco-friendly cars – electric, hybrid and plug-in – have several advantages over petrol and diesel cars, predominantly the fact that they have less of an environmental impact. These cars eliminate harmful emissions and save the user money, offering a much lower cost per mile than a traditional engine. Also, environmentally friendly cars are particularly quiet, which also reduces noise pollution.

Electric cars and hybrid cards 2020: what’s new 

As mentioned, every car manufacturer now offers a good range of electric cars for you to choose your favourite model.

For those who love Italian manufacturers, FCA offers the iconic FIAT 500 in a full electric version, which remains faithful to its roots: simple lines crafted with elegance and lightness, maintaining the essence of its style. It is the first small car to take autonomous driving to level 2, which means a higher level of safety in urban mobility: it will accelerate, brake and keep you in lane autonomously. Agile and fast in city traffic, it offers a good range, particularly in the urban cycle with a charge range of up to 400 km. The fast charging mode and the Wallbox for home charging will come as standard.

For those who intend to buy a hybrid car and want to enjoy the benefits of two engines, there are many other interesting options in store for 2020. Highlights include two models of plug-in SUV, the Jeep Renegade and the Jeep Compass, with a focus on connectivity and entertainment from a car Made in Italy.

With its new hybrid models, Jeep® is reinventing the 4x4, maintaining the best performance in its category by combining a powerful front combustion engine and an astonishing rear electric engine. Reduced consumption and emissions combine with even better traction. The new Jeep® 4xe is equipped with a hybrid plug-in system featuring a petrol engine that powers the front wheels and an electric motor for the rear wheels.

The electric motor is powered by an 11.4 kW battery that is charged while driving through a regenerative braking system or externally through a power cable. In full electric driving mode, the battery guarantees a range of up to 50 km*, ideal for city driving.

The new Land Rover Defender is also available as a hybrid: it can produce 400 hp and has a 3-litre combustion engine. After 71 years, the legendary Land Rover 4x4 is updating its design and becoming “green”, maintaining its exceptional off-road performance and interior comfort.

Green mobility: contract car hire

While electric, hybrid and plug-in cars are an important development from an environmental perspective, there are also advantages in terms of lower consumption. To reduce their expenses, many users are not only choosing to switch to these types of cars but they are also turning to long-term hire.

With hybrid and electric car hire, users get a high-performance car with zero emissions without having to pay the purchase price. Leasing companies offer users the chance to use a new car without owning it, in exchange for a monthly fee, therefore they can avoid paying for car tax, insurance and maintenance, etc. The flexibility of these solutions, combined with the features of the new cars on sale, is now creating a real revolution in the automotive sector, which is likely to lead to a totally new way of using cars in everyday life.