Turin, 18 March 2021

FCA Bank has developed innovative projects in recent years to improve business performance of its subsidiaries across Europe, in particular through the creation of management platforms, strategic assets that enable the Company to provide state-of-the-art and fast service.
The platforms were created by FCA Bank and are used daily by all the actors involved in the management of our customers, both individuals and companies or government authorities.

In 2013, a platform was developed for Leasys’s long-term rental customers: Rent On Global Rental System.
This innovative platform was created to support key long-term rental processes by improving service for Leasys customers. The main feature of the new platform, based on SAP modules, is the strong integration between sales processes, through the Leasys Touch portal, and the management of the customer relationships for all operational and administrative aspects, such as contract amendments, vehicle management, billing.

The platform has a modern and intuitive front end, with a responsive web design and is directly integrated with the multi-brand and multi-country car configurators, as well as the credit analysis processes. All this makes the platform extremely flexible in managing offers for private customers and large company fleets.

Even though it maintains a single software platform, Rent On is able to manage accurately the specificities related to the different markets, including with a centralized and dedicated management of pricing and configurability of the rented product. In addition, Rent On is able to manage flexibly the different products related to medium and long-term rental and associated services, such as Be Free and Leasys Miles.
All this allows end customers to have the best possible rental experience with Leasys thanks to high-level digital support. Also communications with customers are developed through leading-edge tools that produce the correct documentation to be provided to individual customers. Finally, the platform is compliant with GDPR, with its respect of customer privacy.

Since its launch, Rent On has attracted a total of 6000 users. The platform, starting from 2015, enabled the internationalization of Leasys in Europe, thanks to a roadmap that brought the platform to Spain, Germany, Belgium and, in 2019 to Poland, in  2020 to France, Portugal and Denmark, while in 2021 there will be the third wave dedicated to Greece and Austria will be launched.