Turin, 31 March 2021

Launched in November last year, Leasys UMove is the app that puts all Leasys services, from rental to innovative mobility solutions, just a click away via smartphone or tablet.

Thanks to UMove, customers have a single access portal where they can manage such services and subscriptions activated with Leasys as short, medium and long-term rentals, car sharing, CarCloud car subscriptions, FCA Bank’s financing solutions and Clickar's online guaranteed pre-owned cars. The app is fast, easy and intuitive, and GDPR compliant.

Users of the app also have other very useful functions available such as roadside assistance, mobility information and geolocation services. With UMove, also the management of sustainable and electric mobility is made simple: in the Stores and Electrification section, users will be able to geolocate the Leasys Mobility Stores available in the area and identify those equipped with charging stations. Thus, customers will be able to know immediately where to recharge their electric or hybrid vehicle at no cost, through the e-Mobility Card provided by Leasys and the charging cable always supplied with the rented cars.

The project, which started in March 2020, was the brainchild of a Design thinking workshop, where the key points for the creation of the application were established: the best possible customer experience and a new ecosystem that allows Leasys to instantly reach customers with offers and opportunities. To develop it, the ICT team used the best software in the market and the highly specialized Apple iOS and Android technologies, in order to provide customers a performing and intuitive app.

In addition, the dedicated ICT team uses Analytics support to have truthful data and information on consumer behaviour within the app. Performance is constantly monitored to understand how to improve the user experience, based on actual needs, and deliver always high level performance.

Available on iOS, Android and now also on Huawei store, since its launch the app has been downloaded by over 20,000 customers. Available in Italy, it will soon also be available in all markets where Leasys is operational. UMove is designed to offer the ideal response to the needs of consumers, increasingly oriented towards flexible and easy-to-use mobility services. Thanks to its innovative digitalized solutions, all the services in the Leasys world are now within reach of mobile phones with the best offers and promotions available.