Drive the mobility of the future with Leasys: Wallbox included in all electric mobility solutions

Rome, 16 December 2022

Leasys mobility is increasingly more oriented towards sustainability and freedom to charge. The company, a Stellantis brand leader in the car leasing sector in Italy, aims to facilitate the transition to electric by offering services dedicated to electric vehicles. The home charging device developed by Free2move eSolutions, is a great example. Following the success obtained in our country, the service has been extended to Belgium, Germany, Portugal, and Spain, and soon will reach the UK, the first step of an expansion that will involve all markets in which Leasys already operates.

The easyWallbox charging service, one of the first products developed by Free2move eSolutions, has been available in Italy for over a year. Much appreciated by customers, the device is very easy to use: electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles can be charged with a power of 2.3 kW by simply plugging it in a socket in a home garage or parking space. Leasys customers can also choose the professional installation option that gives easyWallbox a charging power of up to 7.4 kW and uses only the household power available in real time, to avoid the risk of power cuts.

In Italy, easyWallbox is now included in the fee of all leases of electric vehicles: this includes Leasys’s offers for a greener Christmas at extra advantageous conditions, which will last for the duration of the festive season. Such as the electric New Fiat 500 (RED), at €359 per month,[1] to discover the pleasure of driving a zero-emissions vehicle carefree, thanks to the main services included in the price: RCA road assistance, Leasys I-Care infomobility system and Umove app for the management of the rental services. 

With these initiatives Leasys intends to support the transition to e-mobility, which is constantly growing in Europe. According to data provided by the British statistics institute Jato Dynamic[2], during the month of October, electric vehicles (BEV and PHEV) made up 23% of total sales. In particular, since the start of the year, demand for BEV increased by 24% and has reached 1,103,055 vehicles.

With its products and dedicated services, Leasys is committed to continue in this direction, trying to meet the needs of those customers who choose to drive electric vehicles, estimated to grow by 25% next year.



[1] The offer, valid until 8 January, is subject to a €6,400 down payment. The fee for the 36-month lease includes 30,000 km.
[2] Source: