The electric New 500 becomes a travel companion: the partnership between Leasys Rent and WeRoad gets underway

Turin, 21 February 2022

With Leasys Rent the next trip to the airport to embark on a journey with WeRoad is 100% electric. Specializing in car rental and subscription solutions, Leasys Rent launches a partnership with Europe's largest community of young travelers, known for its unconventional on-the-road trips to more than 190 destinations worldwide. The two brands promote an eco-sustainable mobility solution, accompanying the WeRoaders even after the end of a trip with LeasysGO!, the free-floating car sharing service dedicated to the electric New 500, ideal for reaching the airports of Turin, Milan and Rome, as well as for daily drives.

Thanks to the partnership, buyers of a WeRoad trip will receive a free subscription to LeasysGO! and a month of prepaid service, inclusive of 120 minutes of driving time. The free subscription to LeasysGO! will also be available to those who will participate in the AperiRoad, happy hours held to meet potential travel companions and WeRoad coordinators in Turin, Milan and Rome. In addition, those who have already subscribed or will subscribe to LeasysGO! will be entitled to a discount code, worth 50 euros, to be used for a WeRoad trip.

The collaboration with WeRoad was inspired by the love for adventure and for the environment, and is intended for those who believe that the best part of the journey is not reaching the destination but the road that leads to it. LeasysGO! Makes it possible to reach the airports of Turin, Milan and Rome without paying airport and parking fees, as well as to rent a car for a whole day, at a fixed rate, for out-of-town trips.