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Our Business

Small and medium-sized businesses, major public and private companies, managers, tradesmen, retailers, professionals and a growing number of private customers: Leasys has customised corporate and personal solutions to meet a variety of business and mobility requirements. 

With this in mind the Group continually invests in integrating services and technologies to meet the practical and commercial requirements of all market segments and ensuring the highest standards.  

Full Service Leasing

Thanks to full service leasing you can have a car or a fleet that is immediately available and efficient, without incurring any management, administrative and maintenance costs. 

At the end of the contract, the vehicle is simply returned and the customer does not have to deal with selling a used car or worrying about the vehicle having lost value over time. Additionally, in the event of unexpected contingencies, Leasys is always there to support its customers by quickly implementing all necessary measures to ensure their mobility.

At the end of the contract the car is simply returned to Leasys: in this way the client will not have to worry about selling the used car or worry about its loss in value overtime. Furthermore in case of unexpected issues, Leasys is always by the client side guaranteeing the rapid solutions and action in order to ensure the mobility of the client.

Fleet Management

The Fleet Management formula allows a customer with a new vehicle fleet of to hand over its management to Leasys, a qualified and reliable partner, with over twenty years of experience in this business. 

By choosing this solution Leasys experts take over all the administrative and operational tasks related to a car fleet at a predefined and predictable cost for the whole duration of the contract.  

Leasys manages fleets effectively and transparently, optimising and ensuring control of management costs over time.
The customer maintains ownership of the vehicles but at the same time is relieved of all complex and costly technical and administrative requirements. Peace of mind for drivers, vehicle integrity, fleet efficiency and safety are the basis for any contractual agreement .

Every fleet management plan includes: 

  • Insurance coverage;
  • Routine and exceptional maintenance;
  • Roadside Assistance;
  • Infomobility service;
And a variety of other customised services depending on Fleet Manager requirements.

Sale of
pre-owned vehicles

Leasys operates on the pre-owned vehicle market through a channel for the sale of the cars that have reached the end of a rental. 

Leasys certified pre-owned vehicles come with guaranteed mileage and maintenance plans. They provide a choice of brands and fully equipped, sole owner cars, with a one year warranty and the availability of favourable financing conditions. 

In Italy, the Leasys brand for the sale of pre-owned vehicles is Clickar.