Embrace the scenarios of the sustainable mobility with long term rental.
To go anywhere, also to the future.

  • All the flexibility you need.

    Choose only the services that answer your needs

  • Try the electric drive hassle free.

    At the end of your rental contract you can decide to try a new one.

  • Help the environment thanks to the electric mobility.

    The electric mobility solutions guarantee benefits for the environment, reducing of 40% the CO2 impact compared with vehicles with standard Combustion Vehicles.

  • Maximum efficiency and long duration

    Thanks to the new technologies and innovations integrated in the electric vehicles, they can be used for a long-term.

  • No risk linked to thevalue of the electric vehicle at the end of the contract

    You will only have to return it, we will think about your used car.

  • Drive free around the city

    As non-polluting vehicles, electriic cars have free access to ZTL areas, prior being authorized by the competent authorities.

With Leasys you can add even more freedom to your recharges

By renting with Leasys easyWallbox, the easy to be installed home charging device, will be included in the monthly fee.
It allows you to make an easy, fast and safe charging of your vehicle directly from your home.

When driving Leasys hybrid and electric vehicles, you can choose to include in the fee a cable with schuko socket (MOD 2) for home charging and a connector (MOD 3) for public charging.

Download UMOVE app to search for available charging points near you, of public and private network.

Enjoy the pleasure of discover! Last generation electric cars are efficient also with long journeys, you can drive up to 400 kmswith only one recharge!
No limits on your mobility, only the benefit of a sustainable driving.
You will not have to worry about recharging: both from home by connecting the power cord to your home network, or while travelling thanks to the wide network of public charging stations. Charging stations across the country are more and more and recharging has never been so easy.
The recharg and the mainteinance of the electric vehicle are easier than you can imagine. Few easy instructionswill help you to manage it at best.