Leasys Drives Sustainable Mobility Forward


Leasys Drives Sustainable Mobility Forward

  • In the first nine months of 2023, Leasys achieved significant milestones on its journey toward sustainable mobility in Europe. With over 169,000 new contracts registered during this period, 16% of these are dedicated to electrified vehicles.
  • Currently, Leasys boasts an impressive European fleet of 850,000 vehicles, with 30% of these vehicles being electric (BEV) or hybrid.
  • This puts Leasys on track to reach its ambitious 2026 target, where one out of every two contracts will be for a green vehicle.

Following the successful consolidation of Leasys and Free2Move Lease's business in April, the company is proud to present the promising preliminary results of its sustainability commitment. Between January and September 2023, more than 169,000 new contracts were registered across Europe. Notably, 16% of these contracts were for electric vehicles, comprising 9% battery electric vehicles (BEV) and 7% plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV).

Leasys' transition towards a more sustainable mobility future is not limited to replacing vehicles. It encompasses a collaborative effort among diverse stakeholders from industry, institutions, and services, along with fostering a shift in our collective environmental consciousness.
To date, these changes can be clearly seen in the composition of the fleet, where electric (BEV) and hybrid vehicles already make up 30%, in line with our target for 2026, where one out of every two contracts will be for a green vehicle.

As we navigate this historic transformation, both businesses and individuals must rely on a mobility provider that can serve as both supplier and consultant. Leasys' extensive commercial network plays a pivotal role in this transition, serving as the primary point of contact with its valued customers. In pursuit of accelerating the electric transition, Leasys continuously expands its portfolio of zero-emission mobility solutions and services.

Leasys' ambition is to make mobility affordable and sustainable to preserve our environment and ensure its protection.

Rome, October 26, 2023