Leasys and Free2move partnership to improve the management of company fleets


Leasys and Free2move partnership to improve the management of company fleets

Leasys medium- and long-term rental mobility company and Free2move, Stellantis mobility provider, present a strategic partnership which is destined to sensibly improve remote fleet management. Starting from today in Germany, Italy, Spain and France Leasys business clients will be able to use the Connect Fleet platform designed by Free2move which could lead to a reduction in total fleet-management costs by more than 5%.

Already in use by more than 20,000 customers across the globe, the Connect Fleet tool allows fleet managers to monitor the entire fleet through the use of modern vehicle connectivity technologies and, as a result, optimize logistics and productivity. Thanks to onboard electronics, data is sent in real time to the platform’s webpage where, via the customizable online “dashboard”, vehicle use and status are analyzed and fuel use, mileage, and accidents are evaluated. Moreover, Connect Fleet allows one to monitor operating costs like assistance and maintenance and supplies tips for sustainable driving.

The new agreement allows Leasys to take a huge step in its digital transformation, a process which is moving swiftly ahead at both a company and customer-service level—as demonstrated by the MyLeasys portal and Umove app. Furthermore, digitalization can also support big companies in their transitions to sustainable mobility.

Leasys, with its more than twenty years of experience, continue to provide fleet managers with all-round support, offering flexible and innovative solutions which consider rapidly evolving company needs and aid in the transition to sustainable mobility. The use of Connect Fleet is a further step in this direction.

Laura Martini, Leasys’ Chief Marketing Officer, started: "We are incredibly satisfied with our collaboration with Free2move as it underscores two key aspects of our vision of the future of mobility. Firstly, it highlights the importance of digitalization for Leasys both at a company-process and customer-service level and the key role it plays in our transformation towards more efficient, more accessible, and safer mobility. For this reason, digitalization is key to endure the best customer-service experience possible. Furthermore, the new agreement demonstrates the privileged relationship which we have with other Stellantis brands. These shared values allow us to offer a one-of-a-kind ecosystem of products and services.”

Olivier Emsalem, Free2move’s SaaS and B2B Director, started: "We are thrilled to introduce our fleet management solution, Connect Fleet, to all Leasys customers. Innovative and high performing, our platform is designed to significantly reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for corporate fleets while enhancing visibility. With over 10,000 satisfied customers already on board, this partnership will only further elevate the satisfaction of both our customer bases.”

Rome, January 22, 2024